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Supporting Oral Language

in the Preschool Classroom

Oral language is the foundation for learning to read and write and is critical for supporting the development of children's early literacy skills. This four-part video series authored by Dr. Theresa Bouley discusses oral language development and strategies for how early childhood professionals can create a language-rich environment in their preschool classroom. The videos provide tips for building language skills through interactive read-alouds and oral story telling and for providing support to dual language learners. Interviews with Judith Schickedanz, Vivian Paley, Ann Anderberg, Theresa Bouley, Roberta Schomburg, and several preschool teachers are included.

Watch Introductory Video (0:49)

  • Author: Dr. Theresa Bouley
    Producer and Scriptwriter:
    Julia DeLapp
    Director and Lead Editor:
    Ken Measimer
    Student Production Assistants:
    Sean Leser, Kristen Chemerka, Megan Saunders, Nicole Ricard, Sarah Pierce
    Production Consultant:
    Dr. Denise Matthews
    Studio Assistance:
    Lisa Curtiss, Paul Melmer
    On-camera Host: Luz Ramos
    Narration: Julia DeLapp