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Guiding Young Children's Behavior

Guiding Young Children's Behavior is an interactive training curriculum that provides current and future early childhood professionals with tools and strategies for guiding preschool children's behavior in positive ways. The curriculum was originally made possible through the generous support of the U.S. Department of Defense for Project Navigate, a project to support the professional development of early childhood professionals in U.S. Navy child care centers. Video clips from the curriculum are now available in their entirety below.

A teacher hugs a child.
Segment 1: Fostering Trusting Relationships See videos
A photo of a preschool classroom
Segment 2: Arranging the Classroom See videos
A teacher and children sit in whole group while one child talks to the teacher.
Segment 3: Selecting Classroom Materials and Planning the Schedule See videos
Two children read a poster of Classroom Rules.
Segment 4: Establishing Classroom Rules See videos
A teacher and two children sit on the floor and talk through a conflict.
Segment 5: Responding to Behavior Problems and Resolving Conflicts See videos
A teacher talks to a child and has her hand on the child's back.
Segment 6: Helping Children Identify and Express Emotions See videos.
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  • The Center would like to thank the administrators, teachers, parents, and children at the Child Development Programs at U.S. Naval Subase New London and U.S. Naval Base Newport for agreeing to be filmed for this training.
  • Author: Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
    Production consultant: Dr. Denise Matthews
    Production coordinator: Julia DeLapp
    Video production: RISE Learning Solutions, Jeffrey Arias, Denise Matthews
    Student production assistant: Kerin Jaros-Dressler
    Graphic designer: Geomatrix Productions
    Photographer: Jared Ramsdell