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Guiding Young Children's Behavior

Segment 5: Responding to Behavior Problems and Resolving Conflicts


Despite teachers' best efforts to create a positive classroom environment, young children will still misbehave, because they lack self-control and social understanding. How early childhood teachers respond to inappropriate behavior can promote social development. This segment explores four different responses teachers can use when children break rules and also discusses the importance of modeling appropriate behavior. Videos in this segment include:

  • Introduction to responding to behavior problems and resolving conflicts (1:01)
  • Objective 1: Redirection (2:15)
  • Objective 2: Simple, positive reminders (2:03)
  • Objective 3: Firm reminders and choice-giving (1:56)
  • Objective 4: Conflict resolution (7:20)
  • Objective 5: Modeling (4:07)


Introduction to responding to behaviors


Objective 1: Redirection


Objective 2: Simple, Positive Reminders


Objective 3: Firm Reminders and Choice-Giving


Objective 4: Conflict Resolution


Objective 5: Modeling

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