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Guiding Young Children's Behavior

Segment 3: Selecting Classroom Materials and Planning the Schedule


This segment looks at how both materials and the daily schedule can affect children's behavior, and discusses how and why creating balance in the classroom promotes a positive and productive learning environment. Early childhood professionals can influence children's behavior by keeping a few key principles in mind when carefully selecting classroom materials and designing the daily schedule. Videos in this segment include: 

  • Introduction to Selecting Classroom Materials and Planning the Schedule (1:19)
  • Objective 1: Open-ended classroom materials (4:11)
  • Objective 2: Materials that are relevant to family and culture (4:10)
  • Objective 3: Quiet and active materials (3:13)
  • Objective 4: Enough materials and choices of things to do (2:33)
  • Objective 5: Graded challenges (2:13)
  • Objective 6: Balancing teacher-guided and child-centered activities (2:03)
  • Objective 7: Planning and reflection sessions (5:49)

 See below for discussion questions and ideas/assignments to try out in the preschool classroom.

Intro: Selecting Materials & Planning the Schedule


Objective 1: Open-ended Classroom Materials


Objective 2: Culturally Relevant Materials


Objective 3: Quiet and active materials


Objective 4: Enough Materials and Choices


Objective 5: Graded Challenges


Objective 6: Balancing Teacher & Child-Led Activities


Objective 7: Planning and Reflection Sessions

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