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Supporting Children's Learning in
Dramatic Play Centers

Play has an essential role in children's learning. In this brief introduction video, Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith of Eastern Connecticut State University discusses the importance of pretend play. This video serves as an introduction to a series of videos showing examples of dramatic play centers being implemented in preschool classroom to support children's learning and development. 

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Video Examples of Dramatic Play Centers

The following examples of dramatic play centers bring this concept to life. Guided by a clear understanding of children's developmental needs and capabilities, teachers provide opportunities for learning across a variety of domains. Below the videos are materials to support faculty and trainers in using the videos for professional learning and pre-service training purposes.
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Children pretend to be working in a bakery as their teacher orders food.
The Bakery (5:15) Preschool Teacher Maureen Ostroff describes her intentional utilization of the classroom dramatic play center. She begins by learning what children know about a topic and shares how she helps them increase their understanding. See video and resources
A teacher and student sit inside a box, pretending it's a train.
The Train Station (6:08) Preschool Teacher Amy Doyle involves children in the planning, creation, and use of a dramatic play center that is based on their interests and experiences. See video and resources
Children pretend play that they are in a garden center.
The Garden Center (5:39) Preschool Teacher Cynthia DeJesús involves children in all aspects of planning and developing a new dramatic play center that is related to their center's ongoing investigation of nature. See video and resources
A toddler pretends to vacuum.
We Can Clean, Too! (4:21) Infant-Toddler Teacher Heather Mulrooney describes how she encourages the emerging pretend play of the toddlers in her care. She plans a play theme based on their daily experiences that is well-matched to their curious nature. See video and resources

Ideas for Using these Videos

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These documents were created by Terry Surprenant with contributions from Michelle Levy.