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Building Children’s Background Knowledge:

Using Money in Dramatic Play

Teaching Strategies Video Series

Preschool teacher Karla Alamo describes how she helped children develop an understanding of money to enhance their experience in the new dramatic play center. By allowing them to explore real money and encouraging them to create play money, Karla ensured that children had the background knowledge needed to fully participate in the classroom’s grocery store.

This video provides an example of incorporating social studies in the preschool classroom and helping children develop an understanding of commerce, consumption, and economic systems by exploring using money to buy and sell.

View transcripts in english; spanish.

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  • Producer, Scriptwriter, Editor: Sean Leser
    Videographer: Ken Measimer
    Executive Producer: Julia DeLapp
  • The Center wishes to thank the Child and Family Development Resource Center in Willimantic, Connecticut, for their cooperation in the making of this video.
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