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Student and Alumni Opportunities and Events

Information and events related to the Accounting and Business Information Systems programs. Club meeting times are listed below:

BIS-AITP Club - Getting Covid19 Vaccine Help

  • For getting help registering for Covid19 Vaccines in Connecticut for yourself, family, or friends, please see the BIS-AITP Student Chapter's Guide to "Getting Covid Vaccine Help". The best way to register for a Covid19 Vaccine is by using your individual personal email account and the VAMS (Vaccine Administration Management System) website. The site, guides a person through the pre-steps and steps of registering to get the Covid19 Vaccine shots in Connecticut through the Connecticut Department of Public Health. This website was developed by volunteer BIS students in the BIS-AITP Student Chapter in conjunction with the Connecticut Northeast District Department of Health. The site provides instructions and videos in both English and Spanish.

    The BIS-AITP "Getting Covid Vaccine Help" site guides a person through quick steps to register for getting the Covid 19 Vaccines in Connecticut by:

    • Listing key pre-steps and registration steps
    • Using short instructional videos in English and Spanish
    • Offering a guide to setting up and using an individual email account (to people without one)
    • Providing VAMS website registration step images with instruction arrows
    • Including a link to VAMS Registration site
    • Listing local (town) - Getting Help via Phone in Your Town (numbers and info)
    • Having links to other helpful Vaccination and Covid19 information

    View the "Getting Covid Vaccine Help" guide:CT-Covid19 Vaccine Online Scheduling Guide

    Thank you BIS volunteer students for your help on creating the site and guide information!

Accounting Program and Clubs Events

  • October

    • Accounting Career Fair
      • Wednesday October 7, 1-4 pm in Webex

BIS Program and BIS-AITP Club Events

BIS Program Videos

  • Please watch our BIS Program video for more information on who we are and what we do!

  • Linda Petride from Spirol talks to us about the role of a Business Analyst.

    Alex Bogle from Cigna talks to us about cloud services.