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MS in Accounting (Online)

Graduate Division AccountingAre you interested in a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? Smart choice! Accounting is one of the 20 fastest growing careers in America. Another smart choice? Preparing for your CPA exam by getting your Master of Science in Accounting at Eastern Connecticut State University! Completing your master’s degree at Eastern will help you fulfill your 150-credit requirement for the CPA exam. Finish your program completely online in a little over a year. Additional undergraduate coursework in Accounting may be required for some applicants and may be offered only on-ground on Eastern's campus. Please note that International students requiring a student visa would not be able to enroll as full-time Accounting students as courses are offered only online.

Eastern’s synchronous online M.S. in Accounting program provides a flexible curriculum to accommodate students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. The program is known for its curricular innovation, and the faculty is committed to providing outstanding instruction and advising. Our unique program provides a combination of 30 required credit hours in accounting (i.e., accounting for-not-profit organizations and Governmental units; Advanced/corporate taxation; assurance services, international accounting; Accounting info systems and financial reporting; and current topical issues in accounting), financial management, managerial economics, and organizational behavior. Students will receive thorough, rigorous, and specialized education in accounting and be challenged to develop strategies to overcome challenges, to showcase leadership skills, and to communicate ideas in a scholarly style.

  • Listed below are some of the basic requirements for admission into the M.S. in Accounting program:
    1. Completed application for admission. Apply Online.
    2. Bachelor’s degree from an approved/accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 2.70.
    3. $50 non-refundable application fee.
    4. Official college transcript(s) for all non-Eastern colleges/universities attended.
    5. Contact information for two references, to be included as "supplemental items" after submitting the online application.
    6. Personal/Philosophy statement, explaining your professional goals. Personal statements can be uploaded as "supplemental items" in the online application system after submitting an application.
    Additional undergraduate course requirements may be required after admission for applicants who have not completed a Bachelor's degree in Accounting.
  • The following link contains course and credit requirements for the M.S. in Accounting program at Eastern. Please use them to help plan your course of study but be aware that course offerings may change in the future.

    Graduate Plan of Study (download)

    Graduate Plan of Study (web form)

  • Since Eastern Connecticut State University is a liberal arts university, admission is open to any student who has a baccalaureate degree in any discipline from an accredited institution and can show a high promise of success at the graduate level.

    The online “synchronousM.S. in Accounting program is a 30-hour program designed to be completed in one year for students with an undergraduate degree in accounting. However, students with non-accounting degrees and inadequate background in accounting will be required to complete the following prerequisite undergraduate accounting classes as well as the 30-hour graduate accounting classes. Please note that these courses may be offered only on-ground at Eastern's campus.

    1. ACC 301: Intermediate Accounting I
    2. ACC 302: Intermediate Accounting II
    3. ACC 303: Intermediate Accounting III
    4. ACC 310: Cost Accounting Systems
    5. ACC 412: Auditing
    6. ACC 410 Advanced Financial Accounting
    7. ACC 416: Federal Individual Taxation

    Admitted students will be allowed to take graduate and undergraduate classes concurrently with their advisor’s approval.

  • Program Goals

    • Provide specialized, graduate level education in functional accounting, business, and economics areas to students seeking positions as professional accountants across industries and sectors, including local and state governments, not-for-profit organizations, financial institutions, and accounting firms.
    • Provide the academic background necessary to meet the accounting education requirements to pursue certification in public accounting (CPA) or other accounting certifications.
    • Provide advanced disciplinary, analytics, and critical thinking skills necessary for successful professional careers in the field of Accounting.

    Student Learning Outcomes

    • Advanced Functional Knowledge of Accounting: Knowledge and understanding of concepts, theories, and practices in accounting information systems and financial reporting, assurance service, accounting for governmental and not-for-profit organizations, international accounting, and taxation.
    • Critical Thinking: Identification and analysis of complex technical information to reach well-reasoned conclusions about accounting issues.
    • Data Analytics Skills: Extracting, transforming, and analyzing data, and identifying irregularities and patterns in big data to predict outcomes using data analytics techniques.
    • Professional Responsibility: Understanding the professional responsibilities and ethical standards of the accounting profession.
  • The M.S. Accounting program is affordable — and financial aid/scholarships and housing are available, along with potential assistantship and internship options. For current tuition and fees information, please visit the website of the Bursar.

Moh'd Rujoub

Accounting Program Coordinator – Professor

Webb Hall – Office 336
(860) 465-5284
(860) 465-4469