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Supply Chain Management Minor

Supply Chain Management is the management of the flow of goods and services and has applicability in many industries. Also, due to globalization supply chains have become complex and their management requires individuals with specialized training. The field has a wide variety of sub areas in which interested students can pursue careers. Some of these include: supply management and purchasing, logistics management, warehousing management, transportation management, planning and control, project management, supply chain systems and process improvement.

The supply chain management minor enables students with an interest in a potential career in this field to obtain a background in the field and to explore various areas in the field. The minor is suitable for a wide variety of students and is an excellent complement for students majoring in Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Finance, Accounting, and Economics.

The supply chain management minor requires 18 credits. There are two required courses that provide a background in information systems and statistic which is needed to manage and analyze supply chains. There are two required courses that cover the fundamentals of supply chain management. The remaining six credits are electives that allow students to explore aspects of the supply chain management field and include courses in business analytics, process and quality improvement, global operations and logistics, business-to-business marketing, enterprise resource planning, electronic commerce, and project management.

Supply Chain Management Minor Courses

  • (Four Required)

    • BIS 205 Information Management - 3 credits
    • ECO 215 Statistics for Business & Economics or MAT 216 – Statistical Data Analysis - 3 credits
    • OSC 260 Operations Management - 3 credits
    • OSC 360 Supply Chain Management - 3 credits

    Total 12 credits

  • (Choose Two)

    • BIS 305 Business Analytics - 3 credits
    • OSC 362 Global Operations and Logistics - 3 credits
    • OSC 363 Six Sigma - 3 credits
    • OSC 366 Lean Production - 3 credits
    • BUS 327 Business-to-Business Marketing - 3 credits
    • BIS 375 Electronic Commerce - 3 credits
    • BIS 430 Enterprise Resource Planning - 3 credits
    • BIS 437 Rapid IT Development - 3 credits
    • BIS 442 Information Technology Project Management - 3 credits
    • BIS 447 Business Intelligence - 3 credits
    • BIS 449 Data Visualization - 3 credits
    Total 6 credits
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