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Capstone Seminars

Each fall semester, the Department of English offers at least two different capstone seminars, and each spring at least one seminar is offered.

Each seminar continues into the following semester for a total of six credit hours.

Prerequisites for ENG 461:
21 Credits of ENG classes beyond 100/100P with a grade of C or higher, including ENG 202; two of ENG 203, 204, 205; and two 300-level ENG classes.

Prerequisites for ENG 462: ENG 461 with a grade of C or above

We leave a few previous seminar descriptions here so that you may see the variety of possible seminar topics.

Current and Future Capstone Seminars

Fall 2024

ENG 461-01 The Craft of the Novel
Dr. Christopher Torockio

ENG 461-02 Gender and Sexuality in Medieval Literature
Dr. Meredith Clerment-Ferrand

Spring 2025 ENG 461
Fall 2023

ENG 461-01 Disability Demands Stories: Extraordinary Bodies in Literature
Dr. Maureen McDonnell


Spring 2024

ENG 461 Contemporary British Postcolonial Literature
Dr. Kenneth McNeil

Past Capstone Seminars

Spring 2023
Fall 2021

ENG 461-01 Monstrous Women
Dr. Maureen McDonnell

ENG 461-02 Playwriting and Social Justice
Dr. Reginald Flood

Spring 2022 ENG 461-01 Inventing Childhood
Dr. Allison Speicher
Spring 2020

ENG 461-01 The Craft of the Novel
Dr. Christopher Torockio

Fall 2018

ENG 461-01 Studies in Comedy
Dr. Miriam Chirico

ENG 461-02 Literature of the Wild West
Dr. Meredith James

Spring 2019

ENG 461-01 Love and Sex in the Victorian Age
Dr. Kenneth McNeil

Current and Future Capstone Seminars