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English Major

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Why Study English?

The study of English prepares students for a variety of careers requiring knowledge and skills in critical and creative thinking, writing and research. English majors learn how to read situations, interpret details, evaluate competing points of view, form insightful questions and solve problems. An English major prepares students for careers in a number of fields, including law, business and research, in addition to the creative arts, publishing, and teaching.

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Why Study English at Eastern?

Eastern’s English major provides students with exciting educational and career options. Introductory, writing intensive, and senior capstone courses required of all majors provide students with a solid foundation for future success. The faculty are passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping students explore their interests while developing their skills as critical thinkers, perceptive readers and effective writers. Concentrations include General English Studies, Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, English for Early Childhood/Elementary Education, English for Secondary Education, Literary Studies, Rhetoric and Composition and Student-Designed. An English minor is also available to students in other majors. An English concentration is also available in the Liberal Studies major.

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  • The General English Studies program allows students to explore the expanse of English studies, sampling courses from all the concentration areas and developing a breadth of knowledge in this diverse field of study.

    View General English Studies Details

  • The Creative Writing concentration in the English major allows students to explore imaginative writing – from fiction to poetry to children’s literature. Courses cover the topics of forms and genres as well as literature, and include creative writing workshops, professional experiences and study abroad opportunities.

    View Creative Writing Details

  • English majors may choose the concentration in Cultural Studies, where they will study a broad range of topics focused on the study of cultural formations and their effects. Students will examine power, agency and subjectivity as well as how gender, race and class reflect our exploration of different texts.

    View Cultural Studies Details

  • The English for Early Childhood or Elementary Education Concentration is designed for English majors who want to pursue a career in teaching at the preschool or elementary levels. While English majors who pursue other concentrations can certainly become certified teachers, this concentration assembles a group of courses that the English department believes best prepare students for success both in their own future classrooms and on certification examinations.

    View English for Early Childhood or Elementary Education Details

  • The English for Secondary Education concentration is designed for English majors who want to pursue a career in teaching at the secondary level. While English majors who pursue other concentrations can certainly become certified teachers, this concentration assembles a group of courses that the English department believes best prepare students for success both in their own future classrooms and on certification examinations.

    View English for Secondary Education Details

  • The concentration in Literary Studies invites English majors to study literature as an imaginative artifact conditioned by history, culture and society. Students read various literary genres with sensitivity to literary and rhetorical devices, as well as aesthetic features, in order to understand how a text produces meaning, and how an interpretation is shaped by a community of readers.

    View Literary Studies Details

  • The concentration in Rhetoric and Composition in the English major cultivates skills in critical and creative thinking, writing and research. Through writing workshops, composition theory and courses in digital rhetoric and business and technical writing, students develop the capacity to communicate ideas with nuance and precision.

    View Rhetoric and Composition Studies Details

  • The Student-Designed concentration in the English major allows students the flexibility to build their curriculum, combining nine credits of core English Studies with 18 additional credits within the English Department; electives; and either a capstone seminar or research project to conclude the program.

    View Student-Designed Details

Salary Potential


Average salary for Librarians/Educators


Mean wage for writers

* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hands-on Learning

Various covers of the Eastern Exposure publication

Creative Writing Club

Eastern’s Creative Writing Club promotes creative expression by holding literary and cultural events, and publishing “Eastern Exposure,” an annual student literary journal that showcases Eastern students’ creative writing, including fiction, poetry, plays, creative non-fiction and texts.

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A variety of internship experiences are also available through the English Department, as writing tutors, teaching assistants, research assistants, newsletter editors and social media content developers.

Students in Italy writing on laptops

Study Abroad

Each summer, fiction writers convene in Florence, Italy, for a month for a three-credit creative writing workshop in one of Europe’s most iconic cities.

Career Options

Students who pursue undergraduate degrees in English can have rewarding and successful careers in a variety of professional fields, including:

  • Advertising
  • Book, Magazine or Newspaper Editor
  • Business, Creative and Freelance Writing
  • Corporate Research
  • English Teacher
  • Grant Development
  • Journalist
  • Public Relations
  • Web Content Development

Successful Alumni

Recent Eastern students who earned a bachelor’s degree or a minor in English are studying at the following professional/graduate schools or pursuing the following careers:

  • Boston College
  • Purdue University
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of New Hampshire
  • Banker
  • Children’s book writer
  • College professor
  • Attorney
  • Librarian
  • Web content developer
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Alumni Testimonials

Alyssa Zebrowski ’15

Alyssa Zebrowski ’15

Early Childhood Education and English double-major Alyssa Zebrowski recently earned a master’s degree in bilingual/multicultural education and now works with young English language learners in Stamford. “Eastern’s early childhood education program fully prepared me to be a classroom teacher right out of college. The unique research experiences I had as an undergraduate have given me an alternative perspective to teaching that I use each day.”

Matthew Bessette ’19
English and Theatre

Matthew Bessette ’19

Matthew hopes to become an English teacher after receiving teacher certification through Eastern’s master’s program in Education. “The theatre program has played a critical role in the development of my self-discipline and leadership abilities. Dedicating time and energy to participating in college productions takes a lot out of you, but it teaches you to think critically and adapt to a given situation.”

Victoria Randazzo ’18

Victoria Randazzo ’18

After graduating with a master’s degree in special education in May 2019, Victoria accepted a position as a special education teacher at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School. I attribute most of my success to Eastern. When I was assigned daunting projects or tests during my graduate program, I was able to use many of the skills I gained at Eastern and apply them easily.

Jordan Corey ’19
Communications Specialist

Jordan Corey ’19

Jordan was an intern in the English Department, specializing in social media. “My favorite part about the internship was becoming an engaged member of the English community. I entered my freshman year as an English major and have never doubted that it's the right field for me, largely because of the wonderful professors and my peers on campus.”

Darianne Mastricola ’17
School Counselor

Darianne Mastricola ’17

English major Darianne Mastricola received her master’s degree in school counseling at Montclair State University and works as a school counseling intern at Wayne Hills High School.

Kate Harner ’12
Communications Specialist

Kate Harner ’12

Kate Harner earned her master's degree at Clemson and is a senior marketing communications specialist at Hawkes Learning. “Getting a liberal arts education at Eastern helped me appreciate different disciplines. I can write knowledgeably about a wide range of topics, and that skill comes in handy when I’m writing about new calculus courseware or researching study habits of effective learners for a blog post.”

Andrew Minikowski ’12
Environmental Attorney

Andrew Minikowski ’12

English and Economics double-major Andrew Minikowski is an attorney at the Connecticut Fund for the Environment. “My studies as an English major honed my ability write critically and persuasively, which is the cardinal skill of an effective lawyer. Furthermore, my English studies taught me to probe my own ideas for analytical flaws and synthesize diverse viewpoints and facts into a coherent whole.”