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Supporting Children's Individual Needs

E-Clips Video Series

Early childhood professionals face the continual challenge of planning for the entire classroom while meeting each child's individual needs. In e-clip #6, Dr. Ann Gruenberg stresses the importance of observing children and assessing their strengths and needs to determine how best to support them, and teacher Niloufar Rezai reflects on strategies she used to identify and support a child's learning needs, including working closely with the child's family and giving them ideas for activities to do at home. When teachers identify children's interests, work closely with their instructional team, and partner with families, they can effectively support the learning needs of all children in their classroom.

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    1. What kinds of information do we initially gather from parents to help us meet children's individual needs?
    2. How often do we both informally observe and more formally assess children to determine their needs? What tools do we use? Do we need to do more?
    3. What do we do to ensure that our observations of children are accurate?
    4. What strategies do we use to meet children's individual needs while still managing the entire classroom?
    5. How do we engage parents in efforts to meet children's learning needs? What else might we try?
  • Executive Producer: Julia DeLapp
    Producer/Director: Dr. Denise Matthews
    Production Coordinator: Ken Measimer
    Student Production Assistants: Dan Young, Karl Gray, & Kerin Jaros-Dressler
    Content expert: Dr. Ann Gruenberg
    Featured teacher: Niloufar Rezai
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