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Inspiring Lessons

What We Learned from the Community Partners for Early Literacy Project

In 2008, Eastern’s Center for Early Childhood Education began a three-year effort to improve the early literacy skills of over 500 preschool children in Windham, Connecticut under a U.S. Department of Education Early Reading First grant. Inspiring Lessons is a 30-minute video that shares some of the important lessons learned during the Community Partners for Early Literacy (CPEL) project. The video includes interviews with teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, literacy coaches, and faculty experts Dr. Maureen Ruby and Dr. Ann Anderberg about what works in supporting children’s literacy development.

This video won a 2013 Telly Award!

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Project Lessons Highlighted in the Video

  1. Provide ongoing, differentiated professional development
  2. Invest in the professional development of paraprofessionals
  3. Use assessment to inspire change
  4. Involve families
  5. Inspire teachers to believe in children’s potential
View a transcript of the video.
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  • Producer/Director: Dr. Denise Matthews
    Executive Producer: Julia DeLapp
    Writers: Denise Matthews and Julia DeLapp
    Production Coordinator: William Black
    Narrator: Luz Ramos
    Editor: Karl Gray
    Videographers: Gregory Hartzell, Kerin Jaros-Dressler (Eastern student), Ken Measimer
    Additional Footage: Sean Leser (Eastern student), Karl Gray, Denise Matthews
    Finishing Editors: Ken Measimer, Sean Leser
    Music Composition: Ross Page (Eastern student)
    Animation: Nick Napoletano
    DVD Cover Design: Leigh Balducci
    Photography: Nick Lacy
    CPEL Logo Design: Sofia Nicander (Eastern student), William Black
    Translation: María-José Pastor, Jasmin Kurtz
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