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The Wings Museum


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After a four-month classroom investigation on the properties and uses of different types of wings, children in Eastern's Child and Family Development Resource Center created a Wings Museum to exhibit what they had learned. In this video, teachers discuss how children acquired background knowledge on wings, used it to create the exhibit, and invited their peers from other classrooms to learn from their experiences.

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  • The Wings Museum at the Child and Family Development Resource Center

    (This video has captions. You can turn them on by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of the video.)
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    Patrice Ramm, Teacher Associate: This semester in our classroom we’re investigating wings, and for a key experience we decided it would be a great experience for the children to set up a museum.

    Narrator: The Wings Museum was the culmination of a long investigation. The children had background knowledge on wings, and used it to create the exhibit and invite peers to learn from them.

    Jennifer Ruchwa, Assistant Teacher: This activity here is called cardboard airplanes, and we did this activity in co-op (cooperative) groups. So we had three groups of children, and they each had a cardboard box, and they created an airplane with recycled material and natural material.

    Niloufar Rezai, Director: Other classrooms came and visited the museum and were able to do tours, and they included a lot of interactive components.

    Patrice Ramm: We have a drawing center, art, science, literacy, a math activity.

    Heather: Can you find the ones that are the same? I’m looking for an eagle.

    Heather Oski, Preschool Teacher: We came down to visit from the Green Room; we got an invitation from the Blue Room. It was very special for our children to come visit, because it’s a familiar space, but it was in a different context. They had new things to explore, and they really love to learn from each other.

    Niloufar Rezai: I think other classes were very inspired by this sort of experience. So it’s really nice when they step out of their classroom and incorporate the entire school and their peers into their learning.

    • Videography: Sean Leser, Ken Measimer
    • Scriptwriter, Editor, Narrator: Sean Leser
    • Script Consultation: Niloufar Rezai

    Thanks to the teachers, children, and families from the Child and Family Development Resource Center in Willimantic, CT, for their assistance in making this video.