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Videos Featuring the Child and Family Development Resource Center (CFDRC)

The Child and Family Development Resource Center (CFDRC) is a lab school on Eastern's campus, serving an ethnically and socio-economically diverse population of children from 18 months through 5 years of age. The CFDRC is frequently featured in videos produced by the Center for Early Childhood Education, some of which are listed below. In addition, the Investigating video series highlights the CFDRC's innovative "Investigations" curriculum.

Two preschoolers pretend to be cashier and customer in a grocery store dramatic play centerGrocery Store to Craft Market: Building Background Knowledge Through Dramatic Play (11:38)

This video illustrates how engaging children in creating a classroom dramatic play center can build their background knowledge and lead to richer pretend play experiences. Through a grocery store play center, children developed an understanding of commerce, which they used to develop a real craft market in their classroom.

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TIMPANI toy museumThe TIMPANI Toy Museum (2:48)

After studying toys for ten years, staff of the Center for Early Childhood Education put what they learned about toys to good use by creating an Interactive Toy Museum for children enrolled in the CFDRC (and their families). The video describes the museum and explains how changing children's environment can affect their learning and interactions with toys and their peers.

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A Visit from the Aquarium (2:42)

Children had the opportunity to learn about a variety of sea animals during a visit from the aquarium. Children learned how different animals move and were able to touch and closely observe different animals. In this video, teachers and volunteers discuss the benefits of having hands-on learning opportunities within their center.

Credits: Sean Leser, script, editing, videography; Ken Measimer, videography

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The Boom Box Parade (2:24)

The 4th of July WILI Boom Box Parade is a 30-year tradition of Willimantic, Connecticut involving thousands of community members. Spectators bring boom boxes tuned to the local radio station, providing marching band music. The CFDRC holds its own version every year, where children, staff, and families march through campus, cheered on by faculty and staff. Children create their own instruments to play along to music.
Credits: Sean Leser, script, editor, and videographer

Hubba Bubba Magic Show (2:30)

Children received a visit from Pete Haddad and Herb the Magic Chicken. The magic show provided children with an opportunity to experience a live performance from a member of the local community.

Credits: Julia Taylor (student), videography and editing; Ken Measimer, videography

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Music with Bruce John (2:35)

Children at the CFDRC experience music daily during transitions, group, and center time. Periodically, classrooms gather for a center-wide musical experience, giving them an opportunity to be part of a community, exercise self-regulation as they sing and dance, and understand the components of a performance. This video features an interactive performance by Bruce John, a local musician who has visited the center on several occasions.
Credits: Sean Leser, script and editing; Ken Measimer, videography

Two smiling boys slide down a tarp on a hill covered with waterFun Mud Day (Series)

“Fun Mud Day” is an annual event that challenges preschoolers and toddlers to get outside and try a variety of wet and muddy obstacles. The three videos in this series show the different elements of the event. In addition, faculty, teachers, PE students, and families describe how children gain confidence and feelings of competence by trying the physical challenges.

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A child and his teacher run while carrying plastic eggs on a spoonReLAY Day (4:45)

“Relay Day” gives children an opportunity to design different activities and try a variety of physical challenges. In this video, preschool teachers Emily Grogan and Kaitlin Thibodeau describe how each of the stations at the 2018 event helped children practice cooperation, self-regulation, turn-taking, and task persistence – all while having fun outside.

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A preschooler holds on to a climbing wall and looks for her next step, while a teacher kneels, ready to provide assistanceReady to Climb (7:42)

This video, produced by Eastern students, documents the installation of new climbing walls in the Child and Family Development Resource Center (CFDRC). Dr. Darren Robert, CFDRC director Niloufar Rezai, and teacher Claudia Ahern explain how the walls support children's physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and creative development.

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A sign with the words "Blue Room Museum Wing Exhibit" and cut-out images of children in various positions around the perimeter of the signThe WINGS Museum (2:22)

After a four-month classroom investigation on the properties and uses of different types of wings, children created a Wings Museum to exhibit what they had learned. In this video, teachers discuss how children acquired background knowledge on wings, used it to create the exhibit, and invited their peers from other classrooms to learn from their experiences.

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    • A Visit from the Aquarium: Sean Leser, scriptwriting, editing, and videography; Ken Measimer, videography
    • The Boom Box Parade: Sean Leser, scriptwriting, editing, and videography
    • Hubba Bubba Magic Show: Julia Taylor (student), editing and videography; Ken Measimer, videography
    • Music with Bruce John: Sean Leser, script and editing; Ken Measimer, videography