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Financial Aid Next Steps & Resources

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Financial Aid Next Steps and Resources

Investing in yourself through higher education is an investment in your future. Choosing Eastern
Connecticut State University is a smart step toward your success: Eastern is the #1 public regional university in New England, and an excellent value.

Use this guide to ensure you are financially prepared to start at Eastern this fall. You will find next steps for completing your financial aid process, and resources for alternative ways to pay your bill if you still have a balance after your Financial Aid Offer is applied.

Next Steps: I have my financial aid offer. Now what should I do?

  • In your packet you will find your Financial Aid Offer, which may include a combination of grants,
    scholarships, and/or loans. You can also view your Financial Aid Offer for the 2021-2022 Award Year
    on eWeb(Self-Service) in your Eastern Office 365 account.

    On the interior of the folder that was mailed to you is a listing of the different types of financial aid available to undergraduate students to help you better understand your Financial Aid Offer.

  • Verification is a federally required process to check FAFSA accuracy, and students are randomly
    selected for verification each year. Eastern partners with Inceptia to assist students in completing
    the verification process. If you have been selected for verification, please follow instructions in the
    email Inceptia provided you to complete the process through Inceptia’s Verification Gateway.

    Important: No federal aid can be disbursed until your verification process is complete.

    Verification Questions? Contact Inceptia directly at or at 1-888-374-8427.
    Any other missing required documentation needed to finalize your Financial Aid Offer can be
    found on eWeb (Self-Service) or in your Eastern Email account.

  • Click here for step-by-step directions on how to accept or decline your Financial Aid Offer.

    All scholarships and grants are automatically accepted for you. If you plan to take out
    Federal Direct Loans, you will need to accept those on eWeb(Self-Service), and complete the
    additional requirements listed in Step 4 for your loans to post to your account.

  • Once you have accepted your loans on eWeb, you will need to complete the MPN, Entrance
    Counseling, and Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement requirements before your loans will post
    to your account. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to complete each of these requirements.

What are my options If I need more help paying my bill?

  • Scholarships are funds that do not need to be repaid. External scholarships can be found in many ways! Check with local agencies, high school counselors, and online at these recommended sites that offer scholarships based on your strengths, interests, and skills:
    Also check out Eastern’s external scholarship page for opportunities from organizations outside of Eastern.
    Please note: reputable companies do not require a fee for a scholarship.
  • The Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) is a loan in your parent’s name designed for parents to borrow to help finance their child’s college education. This loan is only available for students who are listed as a Dependent after filling out the FAFSA. If credit is denied, the student becomes eligible for an additional $4,000 in Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan money as a freshman or sophomore, or $5,000 in Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan money as a junior or senior.

    Visit for more information and instructions on how
    to apply for a PLUS Loan.

    We suggest parents apply after the Eastern bill for fall has been released in late June because the required credit checks are only valid for 180 days. Applying earlier may subject you to an additional credit check.

  • Eastern’s payment plan is an interest-free monthly plan that enables you to spread
    payments for tuition, fees, room and board equally over a semester. With this plan,
    you can:
         • Set up a monthly payment plan based on your actual charges and pending
    financial aid
         • Automatically pay your installments each month using an electronic check
         • Receive email notifications as your plan adjusts to changes in your account

    You can pay your semester’s bill in up to 5 monthly installments, depending on
    when you enroll. Bills for Fall semester are released in June, and bills for Spring semester are
    released in November. You should sign up for your payment plan immediately
    after bills are released prior to each semester to take advantage of the
    5-installment plan.

    Click here for more information on the Eastern Payment Plan or contact the Bursar
    at 860-465-5255 or

  • Alternative Loans are privately-funded loans available to students who need
    additional funding or do not demonstrate financial need. These loans are offered by
    a variety of lenders and under varying conditions and interest rates, so we strongly
    encourage you to compare such things as interest rates, rate types, fees, grace
    periods, terms and repayment options before borrowing.

    Start at to find a historic list of lenders used by other Eastern
    students. You can also check with your local bank or credit union.

    In all cases, students should exhaust their eligibility for Federal Direct Student
    Loans before considering Alternative Loans, as Federal Direct Student Loans will
    usually offer lower interest rates.