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Introducing Technology to Young Children

E-Clips Video Series

Computers have become quite common in preschool classrooms, but early childhood professionals don't always know how to take advantage of computers as teaching tools. In e-clip #2, Dr. Douglas Clements from the University at Buffalo explains that when teachers carefully select and introduce children to appropriate software, computers can help young children not only learn new skills, but also make the connection between concrete concepts and more abstract ideas. Dr. Sudha Swaminathan from Eastern Connecticut State University stresses the important role of the teacher in supporting learning using technology, and provides tips for teachers for the successful integration of computers in the classroom curriculum.

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    1. In what ways have the computers and other technologies in our classrooms served to enhance or expand children's learning?
    2. What is the role of the teacher in supporting children's learning on the computer?
    3. What strategies do we use to ensure that the computer or other technologies are integrated into our overall learning objectives for the class?
    4. How do we ensure that the activities that children conduct with technology are meaningful?
    5. What sort of training have we received on using technology as teaching tools? What additional training might we need?
  • Executive Producer: Julia DeLapp
    Producer/Director: Dr. Denise Matthews
    Production Coordinator: Ken Measimer
    Student Production Assistant: Kerin Jaros-Dressler
    Content Experts: Dr. Doug Clements and Dr. Sudha Swaminathan
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