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Research Videos

videos that summarize CECE research findings and provide implications for practice

The Effects of Outdoor Play on On-Task Behavior in Preschool Playing outside supports gross motor development and helps preschoolers manage their emotions. But how important is outdoor play for children’s academic learning? This video highlights findings from a study that suggests that outdoor play affects children’s on-task behavior, which has significant implications for their learning.  See video

Do Toys Need to be Introduced?

This video summarizes findings from a 3-year study exploring how group time discussions about toys affected the quality of preschool children's play.

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Two children playing together.

Study of the Play of Dual Language Learners in an English-Speaking Preschool ClassroomThis video highlights findings from a qualitative study looking at the play of dual language learners in a predominantly English-speaking classroom.

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Children playing with bottleclix. The Relationship of Teacher-Child Interactions in Preschool Play to Young Children’s Mathematical AbilityThis video describes a study aimed at identifying classroom interventions during play that are associated with math achievement in preschoolers. The findings indicate that how teachers interact with and communicate with children while they play has powerful impacts on children’s mathematical learning.

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Child playing with construction materials in the block area.TIMPANI Toy Study The TIMPANI Toy Study was a 10-year empirical study that explored how young children in natural settings play with a variety of toys. Each year, the study identified toys that best engage children in intellectual, creative, social, and verbal interactions in preschool classrooms. 

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