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The Relationship of Teacher-Child Interactions in Preschool Play to Young Children's Mathematical Abilities

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Math ability in preschool is one of the best predictors of later school success–research suggests it is a better predictor than early literacy skills. While many studies have found strong relationships between young children’s play and literacy, studies of teacher interactions in play and mathematics learning have not been conducted. This video describes findings from a study aimed at identifying classroom interventions in play that are associated with math achievement in three- and four-year-olds. The findings indicate that how teachers interact with and communicate with children while they play has powerful impacts on children’s mathematical learning. 

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  • This study was funded in part by the Spencer Foundation.

    Research Credits

    • Principal Investigators: Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Dr. Sudha Swaminathan, Dr. Xing Liu
    • Student Research Assistants: Christina Cammisa, Claire Fryer, Tasia Supino, Eliza Welling, Jenny Wolff, Kelly Zimmermann

    Video Production Credits

    • Producer: Julia DeLapp
    • Production Coordinator: Ken Measimer
    • Production Consultant: Dr. Denise Matthews
    • Videographer/Editor: Sean Leser (Eastern student)
    • Production Assistant: Amy Dillon (Eastern student)
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