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Documenting Children’s Learning

e-clips video series

Documenting how children are learning is an important activity for early childhood professionals to engage in on a regular basis. In e-clip #10, Judy Harris Helm of Best Practices, Inc. discusses why documentation is so critical and identifies some of the different purposes of documentation. Two preschool teachers and one toddler teacher describe the various ways they document and well as how they use documentation to help achieve different goals.

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    1. What sorts of things do I regularly document? What areas might I be missing?
    2. What methods do I currently use to document children’s learning? What are some new methods I might try?
    3. How do my documentation practices help my understanding of children’s needs? How do I use documentation to adjust how I teach and support children?
    4. How can I set aside time to ensure that planned documentation happens regularly? How can I plan ahead to ensure that I am prepared to document spontaneous moments?
    5. How do I share what I document with families? With other colleagues? With the children themselves?
  • Producer and Scriptwriter: Julia DeLapp
    Production Coordinator: Ken Measimer
    Editors: Lupe Marquez (student), Ken Measimer
    Videographers: Sean Leser, Ken Measimer
    Content Expert: Judy Harris Helm
    Featured Teachers: Karen DelMastro, Amie Theriault, Jennifer Wolff

    Thanks to Eastern’s Media Services department for Studio Support.
  • The Center wishes to thank the following Connecticut programs who assisted in the making of this video:
    Child and Family Development Resource Center, Willimantic
    Cook Hill Integrated Preschool, Wallingford
    Cooperative Educational Services School Readiness Program, Trumbull
    Early Childhood Laboratory School at Housatonic Community College
    New Heights Child Development Center, Willimantic
    Windham Early Childhood Center, Willimantic
    Women’s League Child Development Center, Hartford
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