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Project Grants

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Project Grants

Limited funds are available for Eastern Connecticut State University students to help cover the costs of research or a creative activity project. At Eastern, these activities are defined as:

"Original intellectual or creative contributions to the student's discipline carried out in conjunction with a faculty mentor, culminating in formal review of that work through presentations, exhibitions, and/or publications."

The work students wish to have funded must meet all aspects of this definition. Thus, it must be work with an Eastern faculty mentor on a project appropriate to one's discipline. Internships are not considered appropriate unless they can be shown to meet the criteria above.

Award Amount:
Award amounts for the 2021-2022 academic year are limited to $1000.00 per student per year unless more funds become available. Project Grants can be used for data collection surveys/instruments, materials needed for creation of discipline specific project, lab equipment, incentives to secure participants, or the cost of music or film production. Grants can also cover local travel to collect data or examine other resources. The project grants are not to be used for stipends.

Funds can be applied for prior to beginning the project. However, the documentation below is required before funds will be distributed. Prior CUHSR approval is required of all research projects involving human participants. The faculty mentor should assist the student with completion of this application. Preference will be given to those applications with a clear outcome goal (presentation at a specific conference, publication or exhibition).

Funds can also be used to continue a project that has already been started as part of a course or independent study. However, it must be explicitly stated in the narrative why the funds are needed to continue the project and what the long term goals upon completion (publication/presentation).

Money will be reserved on a first-come basis, until funds are depleted. Students applying after all money has been committed will be placed on a wait list pending the availability of new funding sources. All funds must be used before the end of the fiscal year. These grants are competitive in nature and submission does not guarantee funding. Only 1 application per department will be funded per semester (pending availability of funds in the UGR Budget). Only currently enrolled students are eligible to receive these funds.

The project grants are not to be used for stipends. Students who receive funds from other sources (departmental research, honors or research scholarships) are not eligible to receive the project grant.

The application form below must be typed and submitted as a hard copy with all supporting documents to Carlos A. Escoto in the Psychology Department. Only complete applications will be reviewed. If the project requires any travel, a Travel Authorization form will also need to be submitted.

UGRCAProjectApplication TravelTA092313-1