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Research Labs

BLEAP: Behavioral Laboratory of Emotion and Psychophysiology
Dr. James Diller & Dr. Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault
Dr. Diller is a behavior analyst and Dr. Salters-Pedneault is a clinical psychologist. Together, they engage in transdisciplinary research, exploring the interactions between psychophysiology and behavior.
The Social and Evolutionary Psychology Lab
Dr. Alita Cousins & Dr. Madeleine Fugère
This lab explores how evolution has shaped our minds and behavior. Most of this lab's research centers around conflict in romantic relationships.
Health and Human Performance Laboratory
Dr. Jenna Scisco
This lab combines health psychology, biopsychology, and human factors psychology with the goal of helping people to improve their health, performance, and overall quality of life.
LoCAS: The Laboratory of Cognition, Attention, and Search
Dr. Lyndsey Lanagan-Leitzel
This lab primarily investigates visual search and surveillance among lifeguards. Other projects examine the role of attention and cognition in everyday life, including threat detection and email use.
Life-span Developmental Psychology Lab
Dr. Jennifer Pickard Leszczynski
This lab focuses on how self-perceptions and stereotypes about others' gender and age change in different situations and across the lifespan. My research also examines how gender and age affect our perceptions about love and romance.
Organizational Research Group
Dr. Peter Bachiochi & Dr. Wendi Everton
This group conducts research on campus and in organizations addressing the workplace attitudes and behaviors of employees as well as Eastern students.