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Undergraduate Research Program at Eastern

Undergraduate research and creative activities at Eastern Connecticut State University provide opportunities for students to work closely with faculty mentors on research or creative work. Projects are aligned with the mentor’s expertise and designed to expose students to professional activities within a chosen field. Specific activities vary with each experience and by discipline.

The following pages provide examples of current projects as well as projects that are completed which have been presented/published/performed or exhibited.  Students can also locate funding sources for their work and travel to present their completed projects. Funding criteria varies by grant type. In general funds are available for work undertaken with an Eastern faculty mentor on a project appropriate to one’s discipline.  Internships are not considered appropriate unless they can be shown to meet the criteria above. Students who wish to attend a conference without presenting, are ineligible for these funds and should work with department clubs to secure funding. Only students who are currently enrolled at Eastern are eligible for funds.

For students who have already completed a project, regional and national undergraduate conferences for presentation or exhibition  are listed below:

COPLAC Northeast Regional Undergraduate Research Conference. Submissions due at the start of the Fall semester. The conference takes place in October-November.

Posters on the Hill, Washington D.C.  Submissions due each Fall for presentation each April.

National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Submissions due each Fall for presentation in April.

A list of undergraduate journals for publication can also be found on our webpage.

The Undergraduate Research Program at Eastern is advised and supported by the Undergraduate Research Council. A complete list of members is below:
Kristen Epp, Ph.D. Associate Professor Biology
Mihyun Kang, Ph.D. Associate Professor Communication
Garrett Dancik, Ph.D. Associate Professor Computer Science
Brendan Cunningham ,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Economics
Xing Liu, Ph.D. Associate Professor Education
Susan DeRosa, Ph.D. Associate Professor English
Dickson Cunningham, Ph.D. Professor Environmental Earth Science
Fatma Pakdil, Ph.D. Professor Management and Marketing
Caitlin Carenen, Ph.D.  Professor History
Megan Heenehan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Math
Okon Hwang, Ph.D. Professor Performing Arts
Courtney Broscious, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Political Science
James Diller, Ph.D. Professor Psychology
Marin Kurti, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Sociology
Kristen Morgan, Ph.D. Associate Professor Theatre
Kin Chan, Ph.D. Professor World Languages & Cultures