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Published on April 23, 2020

Michael Tuttle (PSY) Presents at International Conference

Eastern Connecticut State University student Michael Tuttle presented his research at the Psychonomic Society's 60th Annual Meeting on Nov. 14-17 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Tuttle's presentation explored numerical cognition, which focuses on how people process numbers in various situations using time. Tuttle became interested in this field of study because of his fascination with the left-digit bias, which is the tendency of consumers to perceive the price of $4.99 as much lower than $5.00.

At the conference, Tuttle received feedback and criticism from experienced psychologists and experts in numerical cognition. "These insights were incredibly valuable to me and will help me in my future career as a researcher."

The Psychonomic Society is the preeminent society for the experimental study of cognition. Members are scientists who study how the mind works and advance the science of behavior in areas that include memory, learning, problem solving, decision making, language, attention and perception.