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What is Geography?

Geography is the study of the physical and human processes that shape the earth. Why do people move from cities to suburbs? Why are cars, computers, and other products increasingly made all over the world? How do rivers and mountains change? How does climate change alter our lives?

Geography is a broad and inter-disciplinary field that includes the physical and social sciences, research methods, and mapmaking. Because of its inter-disciplinary nature, a Geography minor pairs well with a number of majors including Earth Sciences, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Communications and Business Administration.

What will I study?

Geography students at Eastern receive a broad introduction to the field. They also take classes that explore specific issues including food systems, economic growth and decline, and inequality. Through service learning and their own research, students apply key concepts and methods to the world around them.

What can I do with Geography?

Geography is an excellent background for a wide variety of fields. Geography students frequently find work in business, public service, public policy, urban planning, community organizing, education, public health, conservation, law and many other occupations.

Required courses

The Geography minor requires 15 credits of Geography courses. At least six of the 15 credits must be at or above the 300-level. At least nine credits must be unique to the Geography minor. Students choose from the following courses:

  • GEO 100 Introduction to Geography     
  • GEO 110 Urban Geography    
  • GEO 201 Historical Geography of U.S. Cities  
  • GEO 210 Geography of Canada           
  • GEO 218 Regions of the World 
  • GEO 228 Historical Geography of the United States    
  • GEO 307 Gender, Justice, Environment           
  • GEO 331 Geography of Food    
  • GEO 332 Geographies of Tourism        
  • GEO 333 Geopolitics 
  • GEO 336 Politics of Race and Violence
  • GEO 337 Economic Geography
  • GEO 365 Special Topics
  • GEO 471 Urban Studies Travel and Study
  • GEO 480 Independent Study

For more information contact

Dr. Patrick Vitale
Geography Coordinator
Political Science, Philosophy, and Geography Department
325 Webb Hall
(860) 465-5248