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Philosophy Major

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Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy examines the most basic assumptions on which our actions, beliefs and systems of thought (social and individual) are built. Students of philosophy arrive at a deeper understanding of the issues at hand; develop new perspectives; and learn new ways of thinking that can help them solve problems in various disciplines and make wise, sound and moral decisions on issues that confront humankind on a personal and global scale.

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Why Study Philosophy at Eastern?

The Philosophy major at Eastern incorporates interdisciplinarity, diversity, and versatility. It provides opportunities for the development of creative, responsible, critical and caring thinking through the study of Western and non-Western philosophical traditions. Students explore the interconnections between philosophy and other disciplines and learn to apply philosophical methodologies to complex problems of personal and social relevance. This program is ideal for students interested in law, public policy and journalism, and connects well with students majoring in Political Science, Psychology, Business, Communication, and Education.

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Salary Potential


Median Salary College philosophy teacher


Median Salary Attorney

* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hands-on Learning

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Philosophy majors intern with private legal firms as well as public legal agencies throughout Connecticut, while interns have also worked internationally in Liberia, Malta and Kenya.

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The Peace and Human Rights Club provides a forum for students to advocate for Peace and Human Rights across the campus.

Human Rights
Members of the Pre-Law Society

Pre-Law Society

Philosophy students may join Eastern’s Pre-Law Society, which provides activities and events with legal themes for its members and prepares them for graduate programs and law school.

Pre-Law Society

Career Options

Students who pursue undergraduate degrees in Philosophy can have rewarding and successful careers in a variety of professional fields, including:

  • Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Firms
  • Banking and Insurance Companies
  • Law School
  • Local, State and Federal Government Agencies
  • Medical School
  • Non-profit Agencies
  • Publishing
  • University Professor

Successful Alumni

Graduates continue studying Philosophy at the master’s degree level or enroll in other graduate programs such as Law, Business, Education and Journalism.

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For more information
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Alumni Testimonials

Kyle Sorensen ’16

Kyle Sorensen ’16

Philosophy major Kyle Sorensen is teaching English in Thailand. He is also a certified paralegal. “While philosophy is a field of study that trains students to think critically about issues, it is also a means to unexpected careers. Philosophy allows any student who studies rigorously to find alternative ways to engage with the world.”

Ryan Stevens ’22
Philosophy Major

Ryan Stevens ’22

Ryan is planning to become an attorney, and will be attending law school at Franklin Pierce University. “Eastern has prepared me with skills such as critical thinking and analytical reasoning, like my class in ’Logical Inquiry,’ which helped me on my LSAT. I can use those skills when speaking in front of a judge. The faculty have also been great; they are always there to help you,”

Bianca Little ’18
Liberty University School of Law

Bianca Little ’18

Bianca Little ’18 (philosophy) is pursuing a Juris Doctor degree at Liberty University School of Law. “Eastern is a great school to study philosophy because of the program coordinator’s infectious passion. Professor Ana Funes-Maderey makes the program interesting and relatable to every student. Under her direction, I grew to love philosophy more and more.”