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Published on November 08, 2022

Eastern takes United Nations

The Human Rights Club of Eastern Connecticut State University traveled to New York City on Friday, November 4th for a visit to the United Nations Headquarters. The students attended a guided tour where they learned how the UN works to uphold democracy and human rights on an international level. One of the most impactful ideas of the trip was understanding that when member states of the UN come together at the headquarters in NYC, meaningful conversations occur in efforts to promote universal rights. Ones that do not usually happen on a regular basis. Establishing the connections with the world's largest (and smallest) global leaders leads to impactful change and a further invitation to demonstrate peace. The students had the opportunity to be informed on how one of the councils of the organization, The Economic and Social Council, meets to address global issues. Additionally, the students learned about the history of the organization as well as the ratification and upholding of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Finally, the students were able to walk through the General Assembly of the UN while it was in session! A very successful and educational event. We encourage the wider campus community to engage in meaningful dialogue when conflict arises and to familiarize everyone with the concept of universally granted human rights.