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Published on October 10, 2018

Quinnipiac's Law School Dean of Admissions visits Eastern

On Wednesday October 3rd, the Pre-law Society hosted the Dean of Admissions of Quinnipiac Law School, Mr. Adam Barrett. This was an extremely interesting and informative event. Mr. Barret gave helpful advice on the admission process and how to find a school that best fits your professional objectives. The students who attended left feeling inspired to attend Quinnipiac and Law School in general.

The President of the Pre-law Society, Megan Hull, shared her thoughts on the event: “The atmosphere at the event was one of excitement, we had a bit of a celebrity in the Pre-law world. In essence Mr. Barrett would be one of the many individuals who will review our applications if we chose to apply to Quinnipiac.” As part of his presentation, the Dean emphasized that students need to find a Law School that fits you and your needs. This particular school also offers many opportunities to advance the careers of graduate students in the legal field and related areas, such as combining a law degree with other options such as business. Megan summarized her thoughts on law school in an easy to remember sentence: “Pain is temporary, a Law degree is Forever.”

Written by Alyssa Wessner