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Published on June 15, 2018

Professor Christopher Vasillopulos invited as Distinguished Scholar to Address the International Association of Greek Philosophy

Political Science Professor Christopher Vasillopulos

Political Science Professor Vasillopulos will speak this July on the Origins of Globalization at the 30th International Conference of the International Association of Greek Philosophy in Athens, Greece. His presentation will trace the conditions of the formation of the Global economy, beginning with the rise of 5th century Athens, tracing Alexander the Great's creation of the Hellenistic trading system, the development of Renaissance Venice as the center of international commerce, the impact of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the Middle Classes in Western Europe, and the role of the United States after World War Two. The presentation will stress the links between prosperity and liberal political institutions, especially the protection of property rights. It will indicate the differences between imperialism, which restricts the economic development of colonial peoples, and Globalization, which has been creating hundreds of millions of middle class people, most spectacularly in India and China.