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Computer Science

Computer Science is an exciting and ever-changing field. Computer scientists solve complex, challenging and worldwide problems, as well as real-life problems ranging from medical to climate change issues—using creativity and innovation. Computer Science graduates are in high demand in a range of industrial and corporate settings and have excellent job prospects.

Required Common Core Courses (38-39 credits)

Level L1 Data Science Foundation

  • MAT 243 Calculus I with Technology
    or MAT 195 Calculus for Business/BIS/Economics
  • MAT 216 Statistical Data Analysis
    or ECO 215 Statistics for Business/Economics
    or MAT 315 Applied Probability and Statistics
    (or an approved statistics course)
  • MAT 342 Explorations in Data Science
  • CSC 202 Introduction to Programming and Machine Intelligence
  • CSC 203 Advanced Programming for Data Science
  • BUS 205 Information Management
  • BUS/BIS 305 Business Analytics
  • EES 300 Introduction to GIS
  • EES 301 Introduction to GIS Laboratory

Level L2 Database Course

  • CSC 341 Database and Information Management
    or BIS 373 Business Database Management

Level L3 Data Mining/Analytics

  • MAT 343 Explorations in Data Analytics
    or CSC 305 Data Mining and Applications
    or BIS 447 Business Intelligence

Level L4 Stage 2 Writing

  • BIS 449 Data Visualization

Level L5 Capstone, Stage 3 Writing, Tier III

  • BIS 377 Organizational Website & Database Management
    or CSC 450 Senior Research
    or LAP 430 Liberal Arts Capstone Colloquium
    or other “approved TIII & W3” courses

B.S. Degree with Concentration in Computer Science (Total: 55 credits)

Core requirements plus two additional required courses (6 credits)

  • CSC 231 Programming II
  • CSC 270 Data Structures

Electives (9 credits)

Select three courses from the following:

  • CSC/MAT 230     Discrete Structures
  • CSC 335 Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • CSC 301 Advanced Web Development and Web Scraping
  • CSC 315 Genomic Data Analysis
  • CSC 342 Advanced Database Systems
  • CSC 343 Big Data Programming and Management
  • CSC 375 Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC 475 Intelligent Systems
  • Approved 300- or 400-level CSC course

* For this concentration or for students in the Data Science B.A. double majoring in Computer Science, CSC 210 can substitute for CSC 202   

Professor and student working at a computer