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Mathematics Honor Society

The national mathematics honor society Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME) was formed in 1931 and elected to membership in the Association of College Honor Societies in 1968. The Eastern Connecticut State University chapter (Kappa Mu Epsilon–Connecticut Beta Chapter) was chartered in 1981. Members who have excelled in their study of mathematics are initiated into the society at the annual Spring Initiation Ceremony. New members are nominated by Mathematical Science faculty under the following general guidelines: At the time of the initiation, the student must

  • be a mathematics major or data science major at Eastern,
  • have completed a minimum of three semesters at Eastern,
  • have completed a minimum of 60 credits,
  • have minimum overall GPA of 3.4 and mathematics GPA of 3.5, and
  • have completed at least three 300-level, or above, mathematics courses at Eastern.

Election to membership shall be irrespective of membership in any other organization, and no person shall be excluded on the ground of sex, race, creed or color.

In exceptional cases, the Mathematical Science faculty may consider modification of these standards.

The five-fold objective of National KME is:

  • To further the interests of mathematics in those schools which place their primary emphasis on the undergraduate programs;
  • To help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of western civilization;
  • To develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics, due, mainly, to its demand for logical and rigorous modes of thought;
  • To provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics at the undergraduate level;
  • To disseminate the knowledge of mathematics and to familiarize the members with the advances being made in mathematics.

National Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME) Mathematics Honor Society