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Teaching Assistantship

Teaching Assistanships (TAs) at Eastern are undergraduate students who are invited to play a more integral role in learning in our classrooms. Typically, professors who wish to have a TA for their course identify a student who has excelled in that course in a previous semester and invite them to be a TA. The role of a TA is somewhat dependent on the course that they are assisting with but can include responsibilities like developing course materials ( handouts, quizzes, etc.) providing guidance through activities such as ( helping students follow protocols in labs), assisting with laboratory preparation and clean up, leading group discussions, and helping students understand the course content and concepts. In addition to earning academic credit, TAs have a unique opportunity to learn many life skills through their experience, such as leadership, organization, dependability, mentorship and effective communication. Each TA will be mentored by a faculty member to ensure a valuable experience for the TA and an inspiring learning environment for the students.

Below are some of HSC courses that have previously had TAs:

HSC 215: Biology for the HealthSciences (lab)

HSC 318: Anatomy and Physiology I (lab)

HSC 319: Anatomy and Physiology II (lab)

HSC 425: Microbiology for Health Sciences (lab)

If you have excelled in a specific course and are interested in exploring Teaching Assistanships, please speak with the instructor for that course to determine any potential opportunitites.