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Public Health Internship, Ghana, West Africa

The Department of Health Sciences offers a two-week field internship in Public Health in Ghana, Western Africa. The internship is faculty led, offers hands on experiences in different areas in public health as well cultural experiences through traveling in the country and interacting with residents. Students receive 3 credits for this internship.

For more information see the attached PowerPoint and video developed by Brendan Cullinane, a student who went in 2018. You may also contact the Health Sciences office at (860) 465-5045 for additional information. At this time due to the COVID Pandemic we are unsure when the next trip to Ghana will be scheduled.

 Here are some testimonials from students who went in previous years:

 “This summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study the public health infrastructure in an immersive experience in Ghana. This internship not only allowed me to study the public health challenges faced in Ghana and other developing nations but also gave me the opportunity to learn and experience a rich and beautiful culture and landscape of this amazing country”

 “On the plane home I spent most of the time reflecting on my trip and blessed I was to be able to go on this trip. I am so grateful every day that I stepped out of my comfort zone and took this trip… I felt like this trip really changed me because I allowed it, I watched and tried to stay in the moment… This trip will be something that I will always hold dear to my heart, and I wish everyone would have the opportunity to experience it”

 “The best part about this day was that everyone got to scrub and watch a cesarean section delivery. I didn’t know initially if I was up for it but I am so thankful that I did. It was an experience I will never forget”

Ghana 2019 trip by Brendan Reynolds