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Health Sciences Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Health Sciences Major Program Goals

Goal 1: Knowledge Base in Health Sciences

Goal 2: Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking

Goal 3: Ethical and Social Responsibility in a Diverse World

Goal 4: Communication

Goal 5: Professional Development 

Health Sciences Major Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Demonstrate scientific knowledge and skills in scientific reasoning and will be able to apply scientific principles to health and life sciences-based problems.

Outcome 2: Provide an integrated foundation of knowledge in various health sciences disciplines that includes life sciences, life span and developmental genetics and health informatics.

Outcome 3: Prepare students for entrance into graduate schools and professional health schools (physical therapy, occupational therapy, public health, nursing, physician assistant, and pre-pharmacy and to provide students with practical skills.

Outcome 4. Locate and effectively find and use resources from the literature.

Outcome 5: Demonstrate effective presentation skills, oral, written and visual communication.

Outcome 6: Demonstrate mathematical knowledge and skills in biological sciences.

Outcome 7: Demonstrate ability to identify ethical issues and to evaluate them rigorously from different side, specifically related to the health sciences.

Outcome 8: Demonstrate ability to integrate student services with career advising, student involvement, community service, leadership development and recreation and other extracurricular opportunities.

Outcome 9: Adopt values that build community at local, national and global levels.

Outcome 10: Develop meaningful professional direction for life after graduation.