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Guidelines for Completing the Emergency Hire Request Form

Emergency hires are only a temporary solution and can be used in extenuating circumstances with prior approval from Human Resources and the Office of Equity and Diversity.

  • A PAR Form should be used in requesting a short term hire for a full time position.
  • In using the PAR Form it is important to provide a rationale for why the full time position needs to be filled immediately, without having to complete the affirmative action search process.
  • Approvals for emergency hires may be granted for up to one year (length of time depends on the extenuating circumstances or reasons for why the emergency hire is needed).
  • In completing the PAR Form, please note that all appropriate signatures on the form are required, prior to making an offer to an applicant.
  • The decision of who is hired is made at the appropriate supervisory level.
  • A Request to Hire/Salary Analysis form must be completed and submitted to the Vice President for Equity and Diversity.
  • Human Resources will notify the respective Vice President when they are approved to make an offer.

Emergency Hire Request Guidelines Revised on 09/21/2023