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Police Advisory Board

The Eastern Connecticut State University Police Advisory Board (PAB) supports an inclusive campus environment by serving as a link between the Eastern Police Department and the broader campus community. The PAB is committed to this purpose and seeks to engage the Eastern community to solicit questions and feedback on matters pertaining to policing services and campus safety issues.

The PAB functions as a consultative board for the Chief of Police on various matters and concerns involving the Eastern Police Department and the Eastern community. The PAB provides an opportunity to review, discuss, and advise on programs, projects, and policies to improve campus safety and maintain a good working relationship between the Police Department and the campus community. The Board makes recommendations to promote public awareness and equitable policing services to provide a sense of personal safety among all Eastern community members, including students, faculty, and staff.

PAB Responsibilities

  • Advise the Chief of Police on University matters and policies relating to campus safety and security, public safety communication, and university police interactions as appropriate.
  • Communicate to the Chief of Police the perspectives of faculty, staff, and students on policies and decisions relating to Campus Police.
  • Assist the Chief of Police in addressing issues related to the Eastern Police Department.
  • Receive regular updates from the Chief of Police regarding or relating to:
    • Campus crime statistics
    • Dispatched incident response (police interactions not enumerated in the crime statistics)
    • Programs and initiatives facilitated by the Eastern Police Department
    • Trainings and professional developments attended by campus law enforcement staff
    • Staffing changes within the department
    • Campus safety improvements and/or protocol/policy developments.
    • New and ongoing investigations.
    • Complaints, compliments, and concerns related to public safety on Eastern’s campus.