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JEDI Funded Projects

Faculty Member

Department Academic Year Description of Funded Project
Brenda Westberry Sociology 2022-23

BIPOC Town Hall

Hosted a BIPOC Town Hall intended to provide an inclusive safe space in which BIPOC students could comfortably create a dialogue on topics ranging from systemic oppression and racism to everyday personal challenges. The Town Hall focused mainly on supporting and connecting those students while also identifying issues, advocating for change, and providing resources to ensure equitable opportunities for each student.

Daniel Donaghy English 2022-23

Here: a poetry journal

Release launch reading of the 4th edition of "Here: a poetry journal". This edition centered around themes of racial equity and social and environmental justice. Attention is brought to issues central to the lives of BIPOC students in an attempt to bridge the gap between art and activism.

Julia Wintner Art Gallery 2022-23

Women at War: 12 Ukrainian Artists

An art exhibition depicting the works of 12 leading Ukrainian contemporary female artists. The different mediums that comprised the exhibition provided local context to a distant conflict meant to echo the struggle of persecuted minorities around the world. Intentionally showcasing only female artists ensured a deserving platform for women to narrate their own history and give insight to a gendered perspective of war.