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Procedures for Conducting Affirmative Action Searches for Classified Employees (NP. 2, NP. 3, NP.5)

The following procedures are designed to ensure a smooth search process and to provide clear documentation of efforts undertaken by all who serve Eastern Connecticut State University to support its affirmative action policy and goals. Any additional questions and concerns can be addressed to the Office of Equity and Diversity at ext. 5-5112.

  1. The supervisor shall request the establishment of a position or refilling of a vacancy and shall specify the title of the position (see attached Request to Fill Vacant Position form PAR). If the position refill is approved, the supervisor shall form a search committee and complete the appropriate search plan.
  2. The supervisor shall contact the Chief Human Resources Officer or designee and discuss recruitment strategies. At that time, it will be determined how the position is to be filled: internal lateral transfer, re-employment list, promotion, certification list, or by advertising.
  3. The Human Resources Office staff shall inform the relevant union stewards that a vacancy exists and vacancies shall be posted on the Human Resources website and with the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services.
  4. If a re-employment or certification list is used, Human Resources Office staff shall send letters of interest and application forms to those people whose names are on the lists. Current applications on file may also be considered. The goal of these recruitment efforts is to seek a diverse pool of qualified candidates.
  5. Copies of applications received will be forwarded to the search chair for review by the committee. The committee will recommend at least three candidates for interview to the supervisor. The search chair shall seek approval from the Office of Equity and Diversity before the candidates are interviewed. Reference check before interview is required for each applicant.
  6. After the interviews have been conducted, the supervisor will prepare a search report, which is to be approved by the Vice President for Equity and Diversity before an offer is made. If the search included certification lists or advertising, the committee should recommend at least three finalists. Once the Supervisor chooses a candidate from the recommendation section of the search report, the Dean or Vice President should complete the Request to Hire/Salary Analysis form and submit it to the Vice President for Equity and Diversity who will subsequently pass it along to Human Resources for processing.
  7. The Human Resources Office will make an offer to the chosen candidate and notify the other applicants that the vacancy has been filled.

Search Procedures - Classified, Revised 09/21/2023

Classified Employee search check list