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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Age Ancestry
    Color Criminal Record (State Employment
    Gender Identity (or Expression) Intellectual Disability
    Learning Disability Physical Disability
    Marital Status Mental Disorder
    National Origin Sex (including Pregnancy or Sexual Harassment)
    Sexual Orientation Race
    Religious Creed
  • A bias-related incident refers to an occurrence where individuals are targeted or affected based on prejudice, stereotypes, or discriminatory attitudes related to characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected attributes. 
  • The Office of Equity and Diversity will respond via email or phone within 48 hours when the University is open to conduct additional inquiry and ensure the well-being of the affected individual(s) and campus community, while providing resources and options. 
  • Bias Incident Reporting Form

    Filed by anyone who directly experienced or witnessed a bias-related incident

    Initiates outreach from the Office of Equity & Diversity

    Formal Complaint

    Filed by the person directly effected by the bias-related incident

    Initiates the Investigation (or Grievance) Process

  • Step One: Formal Complaint Filed to Office of Equity & Diversity
    Step Two: Initial Assessment by Office of Equity & Diversity
    Step Three: Interviews and Evidence Collection
    Step Four: Analysis and Evaluation of Interviews and Evidence Collected
    Step Five: Notification of Findings
    Step Six: Follow Up and Recommendations
    Step Seven: If applicable, referral for adjudication
  • The Office of Equity & Diversity cannot issue sanctions for policy violations. Our main function is to gather the facts associated with the complaint. If a policy violation occurred during a bias-related incident, the Office of Equity & Diversity would refer the Investigation Report to either the Office of Student Conduct (for student violations) or, Human Resources (for employee violations).