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Student-Designed Concentration

English Major Advisement Audit Student-Designed Concentration

Students  with  a  well-developed  area  of  interest  that  does  not  fit  comfortably  within  any  of  the English department’s defined concentrations may opt to design their own concentrations in  consultation  with  a  faculty  advisor.  Students  pursuing  a  self-designed  concentration  must  complete  the  gateway  coursework  required  of  all  English  majors  (ENG  202  plus  two  writing intensive English courses in di­fferent areas) as well as a capstone experience (either the two  semester  sequence  of  ENG  461  and  462  or  an  independent  ENG  499;  students  in  the  University Honors program may substitute HON 380/488).

While the English department does not o­ffer specific prescriptions as to what form a student-designed  concentration  must  take,  students  should  work  in  close  collaboration  with  their  faculty  advisor  to  ensure  that  their  proposed  course  of  study  addresses  the  goals  that  the  department  has  set  for  all  majors.  A student-designed  concentration (18 credits) must  consist  entirely  of  English  courses,  though  students  are  encouraged  to  choose  electives  in  other  fields  that  complement  their  concentration.  Students  wishing  to  pursue  interdisciplinary  work  that  cannot  be  adequately  addressed  by  English  courses  alone  should  consider  the  university’s option for an individualized major.