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Rhetoric and Composition Studies

English Major Advisement Audit Rhetoric and Composition Concentration

The Rhetoric and Composition concentration provides students with a thorough foundation in the subfields of rhetorical theory and composition studies. Rhetoric is a field with deep roots in the Western academic tradition. Aristotle defines it as “the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion.” The study of rhetoric prepares students to be careful and critical readers and producers of texts (political arguments, films, literature, advertisements, social media, cultural movements, etc.). Composition studies, whose roots are in rhetoric, focuses on understanding the literacy practices of various groups ( e.g., fifth graders, book clubs, advocacy groups, and scientists) and theories and practices of teaching writing in various contexts (e.g., college classrooms, writing centers, prisons, and community centers). Through coursework in composition studies, students gain greater critical understanding of the processes they and others use to write, and develop strategies for improving their own writing and helping others to develop as writers as well.

Writing Intensive Gateway

  • ENG 204^ Introduction to Writing Studies - 3 credits
  • Choose one course:
    • ENG 203^ Introduction to Writing Literary Criticism - 3 credits
    • ENG 205***^ Introduction to Creative Writing - 3 credits

Subtotal: 6 credits

Rhetoric and Composition Concentration Requirements

  • Choose two (2) courses:
    • ENG 206 Digital Composition - 4 credits
    • ENG 271** Classical Rhetoric, Modern Contexts - 3 credits
    • ENG 272 Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism - 3 credits
    • ENG 273 Introductory Topics in Rhetoric and Composition - 3 credits
  • Choose four (4) courses:
    • ENG 300 Business and Technical Writing - 3 credits
    • ENG 305 Composing Digital Narratives - 4 credits
    • ENG 306 Digital Rhetorics - 3 credits
    • ENG 362 Writing for Digital Environments - 3 credits
    • ENG 370 Composition ‑ Theory and Pedagogy - 3 credits
    • ENG 371 Rhetoric and Cultural Studies - 3 credits
    • ENG 373 Studies in Rhetoric and Composition - 3 credits
    • ENG 374 Rhetoric of the Hollywood Film - 3 credits
    • ENG 380 Creative Non-fiction Writing the Private and Public "I" - 3 credits
    • ENG 393 Chicanx and Latinx Rhetorics - 3 credits

Subtotal: 18 credits
Concentration total: 24 credits

Students may count multiple sections of ENG 373, Studies in Rhetoric and Composition to complete their concentration, provided that those sections are on different topics. Internships in tutoring writing (either in the Writing Center or for sections of College Writing Plus) taken for academic credit may not be counted towards the Rhetoric and Composition concentration, but may be counted as electives in the English major.

*approved substitution to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier I Social Sciences

**approved reuse to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier II Cultural Perspectives

***approved reuse to meet the Liberal Arts Core Tier II Creative Expression

^meets Stage 2 University Writing Requirement

^^meets Stage 3 University Writing Requirement