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Cultural Studies Concentration

English Major Advisement Audit for Cultural Studies Concentration

The Cultural Studies concentration o­ffers an opportunity to examine texts using an approach focused on the study of cultural formations and their e­ffects. The theory and praxis of Cultural Studies will link the courses in this concentration, so that a connecting thread will be a close examination of power, agency, subjectivity and how gender, race, and class produce and reflect our exploration of di­fferent texts.

Writing Intensive Gateway.

 Students in the Cultural Studies concentration may choose any two courses from ENG 203, ENG 204, and ENG 205.

Cultural Studies Concentration Requirements (18 credits)

  • ENG 242 Literature and Cultural Studies (3 credits)
  • ENG 371 Rhetoric and Cultural Studies (3 credits)

Choose four courses, at least three of which must be at the 300-level (12 credits)

  • ENG 216 Scottish Literature and Culture
  • ENG 218 Eighteenth-Century Britain in Global Context
  • ENG 255 African American Literature
  • ENG 256 Native American Literature
  • ENG 258 Asian American Literature
  • ENG 259 Chicano/Chicana Literature and Culture
  • ENG 260 Introduction to Women Studies
  • ENG 310 Contemporary African American Poetry
  • ENG 313 Native American Novel
  • ENG 314 Indigenous Studies
  • ENG 350 Southwestern Literature
  • ENG 351 Feminist ‑ Theories
  • ENG 352 Lesbian Literature
  • ENG 360 Digital Game Studies
  • ENG 369 Cultural Studies and Creative Writing
  • ENG 393 Latinx and Chicanx Rhetorics
  • ENG 480 Independent Study (on appropriate topic)

Certain sections of ENG 365 Topics in Literature or Language and of ENG 373 Studies in Rhetoric and  Composition may be  designated as meeting course requirements in this concentration.  Students  should see the department chair or website for more information.

Students in the cultural Studies concentration are strongly encouraged to include courses in Rhetoric and Composition among their electives.