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Creative Writing Concentration

English Major Advisement Audit for Creative Writing Concentration

This concentration enables students to gain an in-depth understanding of the creative writing process  through  the  writing  and  revising  of  original  poetry,  fiction,  creative  non-fiction,  and  drama.  Coursework  will  foster  the  development  of  voice,  knowledge  of  craft,  and  ability  to  read  literary  work  from  a  writer’s  perspective.  In addition to working closely with Eastern’s published faculty, students will have access to frequent visiting writers of international acclaim. Other opportunities include pre-professional coursework and internships in editing and publishing as well as global field courses to study creative writing abroad. As a complement to their courses in the craft of writing, students pursuing the Creative Writing concentration are required  to  take  at  least  one  literature  course  (preferably  early  in  their  coursework), and are encouraged to take others as part of the English major. Students should consider courses in literature from a variety of genres, areas, and periods.

Writing Intensive Gateway

Students pursuing the Creative Writing concentration must take ENG 205 Introduction to Creative Writing and may choose either ENG 203 or ENG 204 to complete the gateway requirement.

Creative Writing Concentration Requirements (18 credits )

Category I: Writing in Forms and Genres (200-level) 3 credits

Choose one course:

  • ENG 207 Forms in Creative Writing
  • ENG 209 Writing for Children and Young Adults

Category II: Literature (3 credit)s

Choose one course:

  • ENG 225 Fiction
  • ENG 226 Drama
  • ENG 227 Poetry 
  • ENG 228 Poetry of Women
  • ENG 233 Contemporary Poetry
  • ENG 234 Contemporary Fiction
  • ENG 257 Contemporary Drama and Society
  • ENG 321 The Nineteenth-Century American Short Story
  • ENG 325 Modern Drama
  • ENG 328 Children’s Literature
  • ENG 329 Young Adult Literature
  • ENG 330 Science Fiction
  • ENG 332 Modern British and American Poetry
  • ENG 333 The Modern Novel

Category III: Creative Writing Workshops (300-level) 9 credits

Choose three courses:

  • ENG 301 Writing Fiction
  • ENG 302 Writing Poetry
  • ENG 305 Composing Multimodal Narratives
  • ENG 308 Playwriting
  • ENG 353 Storytelling
  • ENG 372 Creative Writing Abroad
  • ENG 376 Advanced Forms, Theory, and Practice in Creative Writing
  • ENG 380 Creative Non-Fiction
  • ENG 381 Advanced Fiction Workshop
  • ENG 382 Advanced Poetry Workshop

Category IV: Professional Experiences (3 credits)

Choose one course:

  • ENG 238 Literary Magazine Editing
  • ENG 363 Copyright in the Digital Age
  • ENG 383 Literary Publishing
  • ENG 481 LAW Independent Study in Writing for Publication
  • ENG 495 Internship in Writing or Editing

Certain sections of ENG 365 Topics in Literature or Language may be designated as meeting a requirement in one or more of the above categories. Students should see the department chair or department website for more information.