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A Social Turn-Taking Intervention for Young Children with Autism


Principal Investigator: Kwangwon Lee
Student Researchers: 
Abby Bourdon, Fatima Godina, Delaney Pike

Autism is characterized by a core challenge in social communication. Children with autism often have difficulty with preverbal social communication competencies, such as joint attention and social turn taking. Social turn taking, or back-and-forth exchanges with a social intent, may be foundational to joint attention development (Lee & Schertz, 2022). The primary purpose of this study was to promote preverbal social communication outcomes in young children with autism through a social turn-taking, telehealth model of intervention that follows a developmental, caregiver-mediated approach. A secondary purpose was to understand parent acceptability of the intervention model, views of their children’s outcomes, their relationship with their children, and their own self-efficacy in supporting their children’s social communication learning.  


  • Lee, K., Godina, F., & Pike, D. (2023, March 30). A social turn-taking, parent mediated intervention for a young child with autism: Findings of a Pilot telehealth study. Early Childhood Education Journal,

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