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NPR Podcast on Math Features Sudha Swaminathan

9/8/20: Dr. Sudha Swaminathan was interviewed by NPR about natural ways parents can support their children's development of math skills through play and conversation. The interview appears in the podcast "Math Anxiety is Real. Here's How to Help Your Child Avoid It."

Allison LundyCECE Student Researcher Allison Lundy Publishes Research

7/7/20: Early Childhood Education Alumnus Allison Lundy has published her thesis "Effects of Active Outdoor Play on Preschool Children's On-Task Classroom Behavior" in the referred journal, Early Childhood Education Journal. The purpose of this investigation is to determine differences in children’s on task behavior during group time before and after engaging in physical activity during outdoor play. Children who engage in the greatest levels of physical activity during outdoor play may demonstrate strong on-task behaviors during group time than those who display lower levels of physical activity. Allison's research was partially funded by the Jeffrey and Nancy Trawick-Smith Early Childhood Undergraduate Research Award, which she was the recipient of in 2019.

Play and Curriculum: Play & Culture StudiesCECE Researchers Publish Chapter Outlining Findings of Six Math Play Studies

10/25/19: Sudha Swaminathan and Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, researchers at the Center for Early Childhood Education, have authored "Facilitating Mathematical Thinking in Preschool Play: Findings of the CECE Math-Play Studies." The chapter summarizes the findings of six different CECE studies focused on math and play over the past twelve years and appears in the book Play and Curriculum: Play & Culture Studies (vol. 15), edited by Myae Han and James E. Johnson (2020, Hamilton Books).

Jenna MazzaJenna Mazza Receives Trawick-Smith Research Award

10/24/19: Jenna Mazza, an Eastern student majoring in psychology and early childhood education, has been named a recipient of the Jeffrey and Nancy Trawick-Smith Early Childhood Undergraduate Research Award. She will use the award to conduct a study on children’s abilities to code robotic toys, problem-solve, and debug errors in their codes. She will work under the mentorship of Dr. Sudha Swaminathan.

Young Children's Play; Development, Disabilities, and DiversityNew Book on Children's Play by Former Endowed Chair

10/11/19: Former Endowed Chair Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, has authored the book "Young Children's Play: Development, Disabilities, and Diversity." The publication is designed to provide readers with a comprehensive introduction to the play and development of children from birth to 8 years old. It covers different types of play and cultural variations in play, models for adults as they scaffold children's play, and strategies for supporting the play of children at various ages. The book also includes strategies for supporting the play of children with a variety of disabilities.

Allison LundyCECE Student Researcher Receives Two Prestigious Research Honors

5/15/19: Allison Lundy, Undergraduate Researcher at the CECE, has been named the first recipient of the Jeffrey and Nancy Trawick-Smith Early Childhood Undergraduate Research Fund. She is also this year's only recipient of the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) Education Division's Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Award. Allison received both awards to recognize and support her Honors thesis research “The Association Between Outdoor Motor Play and On-Task Behavior in Learning Experiences in Preschool.”
Julia DeLapp presents TIMPANI study findings at press conferenceResearchers Announce Findings of 2018 TIMPANI Toy Study

12/4/18: Eastern Connecticut State University’s Center for Early Childhood Education announced that Bottle Clix (now sold as Magz Clix) by Magz(R) has been named the 2018 TIMPANI (Toys that Inspire Mindful Play and Nurture Imagination) Toy. As part of the 2018 study, the toys were placed in preschool classrooms, and student researchers used hidden cameras to videotape children playing with the toys. Researchers then coded the footage according to the study’s evaluation rubric, which includes four subscales: thinking and problem-solving, cooperation and social interaction, creativity and imagination, and verbalization.

Theresa and Ray KalberDonors Earmark Funds to Support ECE Undergraduate Research

11/29/18: Eastern graduate Theresa Kalber '70 and her husband Ray are ongoing contributors to Eastern's Education Department. The retired teachers chose to earmark their FY19 gift for the Jeffrey and Nancy Trawick-Smith Early Childhood Undergraduate Research Fund.

Dominique McLean, Allison Lundy, Morgan WinshipCECE Researchers Present at NAEYC Conference

11/14/18: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Julia DeLapp, and student researchers Dominique McLean, Allison Lundy, and Morgan Winship presented research findings from the TIMPANI toy study, the Play Materials Introductions study, and the CECE math  studies at the annual meeting of the National Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Washington, D.C.

Nancy and Jeffrey Trawick-SmithFormer Endowed Chair Establishes Fund to Support Undergraduate Research

9/1/18: Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, the CECE's first Phyllis Waite Endowed Chair of Early Childhood Education, has established a fund with his wife Nancy to support undergraduate research in early childhood education. The Jeffrey and Nancy Trawick-Smith Early Childhood Undergraduate Research Fund will provide students conducting empirical research at the CECE with support for research materials, summer stipends, and/or travel to professional conferences to present findings.
Stefanie Dominguez in video control roomCECE Student Researcher Publishes Article About the Dual Language Learners

2/1/18: Undergraduate student Stefanie Dominguez and faculty mentor Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith recently published the article "A qualitative study of the play of dual language learners in an English-speaking preschool" in the Early Childhood Education Journal. The article outlines findings from an Honors thesis study indicating that dual language learners play and talk with peers less frequently, interact in less sustained and positive ways, and are more reliant on teachers to support their play than their English speaking peers.
Cover of Journal of Early Childhood ResearchCECE Researchers Publish Article About the Relationship Between Complexity of Block Structures and Math Learning

12/1/16: Principal Investigators Jeffrey Trawick-Smith and Sudha Swaminathan, along with student researchers Brooke Baton, Courtney Danieluk, Samantha Marsh, and Monika Szarwacki, recently published the article "Block play and mathematics learning in preschool: The effects of building complexity, peer and teacher interactions in the block area, and replica play materials" in the Journal of Early Childhood Research. The article outlines study findings that the level of social participation and percentage of structures built without toys predicted the complexity of children’s buildings. This building complexity was, in turn, associated with growth in math learning, as measured by Tools for Early Assessment in Mathematics.
CECE Awarded Prestigious Spencer Research Grant

9/30/16: The Center for Early Childhood Education has been awarded a prestigious Small Research Grant from the Spencer Foundation for the study “The Relationship of Teacher-Child Math Talk During Preschool Play To Young Children’s Mathematics Learning.” Professors Jeffrey Trawick-Smith and Sudha Swaminathan, along with multiple students, will study how the kinds of conversations teachers have with young children during free play related to quantity, size, shape, and numerical problem-solving affect children’s math learning over time.
CECE Research Article Selected as Featured Article

7/7/16: "Naptime data meetings to increase the math talk of early care and education providers," an article published in the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education about a CECE study, was recently featured in the Research Connections News & Resources newsletter and the "Recent Highlights from Our Collection" section of the Child Care and Early Education Research Connections website. Child Care and Early Education Research Connections is a federally funded project jointly conducted at Columbia University and the University of Michigan that provides free access to a searchable collection of over 27,000 research-related documents on child care and early education as well as to over 300 downloadable datasets from national surveys and evaluations.
Cover of Journal of Early Childhood Teacher EducationCECE Researchers Publish Article About Improving Math Outcomes Through Naptime Meetings

5/10/16: Principal Investigator Jeffrey Trawick-Smith and student researchers Heather Oski, Kim DePaolis, Kristen Krause, Alyssa Zebrowski, recently published the article "Naptime data meetings to increase the math talk of early care and education providers" in the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education. The article outlines study findings that having brief, data-based staff meetings during naptime in community-based child care classrooms can positively impact providers’ math interactions with their students as well as predict growth in children’s math abilities 6 months later.
TIMPANI Toy Study Featured in an episode of The Why Factor on BBC Radio

9/25/15: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, one of the principal investigators of the annual TIMPANI Toy Study conducted by the CECE, was interviewed by Hannah Moore, host of a radio show on BBC called The Why Factor. This popular show in Europe explores “the extraordinary and hidden histories behind everyday objects and activities that define our lives in the 21st Century.” Dr. Trawick-Smith offered his expertise on toys and play and their importance in shaping human development.