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The Role of Early Childhood Education in Promoting a Just World

Discussing Differences with Children (4:44)

Dr. Theresa Bouley describes how teachers and caregivers can help young children build comfort with difference and gain the vocabulary to talk about the differences they see. She also explains the importance of discussing and celebrating differences in the classroom to ensure that all children feel valued and safe.

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Using Children's Books for Inclusive ClassroomsUsing Children's Books to Help Build Inclusive Classrooms (5:39)

Dr. Theresa Bouley describes how teachers can carefully select a variety of children's books to ensure they represent a variety of cultures and family structures. She also explains how engaging children in rich pre- and post-reading discussions can foster an appreciation of diverse perspectives and help create inclusive classrooms.

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Helping Children Develop Empathy and a Sense of Justice (3:22)

Vivian Paley explains the importance of supporting the development of children’s empathy and sense of justice from their earliest days, and describes how teachers can use storytelling as a tool for building compassion and fairness.

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Affirming Children's Linguistic Identity (3:49)

Every child should grow up believing that they can be proud of their cultural and linguistic identity. In this video, Dr. Elena Sada discusses strategies early childhood educators can use to help foster positive self-concept related to a child's home language. 

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Learning About a Child's Family Culture (2:28)

In this video, Dr. Tanya Moorehead explains that one important way teaching professionals can demonstrate their commitment to supporting children from all backgrounds - and to make sure all children and families feel welcome and understood at school - is to take the time to get to know something about the unique family culture of each child in their classroom. 

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