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Printed Resources for Teachers and Providers

Learning to Move and Moving to Learn: Integrating Movements into the Everyday Curriculum to Promote Learning Lullabies, Leaping, and Learning: Supporting Thinking in Infants and Toddlers Through Active Music and Play Experiences Moving with Feeling: Nurturing Preschool Children's Emotional Health Through Active Play Providing Guidance on the Playground: How Much is Too Much? Crawling, Walking, Running: Supporting Physical Development in Babies and Toddlers References for Tips for Teachers on Physical and Outdoor Play


Research Briefs and White Papers

The Power of Pretend Play Teacher Child Play Interactionsto Promote Learning and Development Science in Support of Play: The Case for Play-Based Preschool Programs

Annotated Bibliography: The Effects of Physical and Outdoor Play on Young Children's Development  The Physical Play and Motor Development of Young Children: A Review of Literature and Implications for Practice

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Interested in Our Scholarly Publications?

View a list of books and peer-reviewed articles written by CECE faculty.
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