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The Art and Art History Department highly recommends each student pursue an internship either within the Eastern academic environment or with a company of their choice. An internship will enhance their academic understanding of their chosen profession, but more importantly it will build networking contacts and various professional skills. Internships should supplement courses rather than substitute for them. TheArt and Art History Department has an internship policy, which your faculty advisor can share with you or you can download it here.

The Supreme Court ruled on internships in the Fair Labor Standards Act in June 2013. From this ruling there are clear guidelines between internships with a for-profit company and a not-for-profit company. You can download this fact sheet and go over the regulation with your faculty advisor.

Eastern's Center for Internships and Career Development has a wealth of information when searching for an internship, crafting a resume, preparing for an interview, and navigating various social mediums for maximum exposure. 

Additionally, the Art and Art History Department has an ever-expanding list of past internships students have completed.