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Illustration is a career path that includes all disciplines in the Art & Art History Department at Eastern. Illustrators work in a broad category of industries and specializations as free-lancers and as full-time employees. Illustrators use a variety of media and many take advantage of technology to combine traditional media with digital media techniques. Illustrators also need business skills to successfully market their work to prospective clients either directly or through an agent.

Careers in the field include illustration for advertising; preproduction; film, TV and video; corporate and not-profit organizations; book, editorial, packaging, fashion, greeting card and retail; medical; scientific; technical; architectural, and 3D, among others.

Required Foundation Courses (26 credits)

  • ART 110 Two-Dimensional Design             
  • ART 111 Three-Dimensional Design OR ART 207 Ceramic Sculpture or ART 217 Ceramics           
  • ART 122 Digital Illustration & Page Layout              
  • ART 124 Digital Imaging 
  • ART 201 Relief Printmaking          
  • ART 202 Drawing I            
  • ART 211 Art History I: Prehistory to 1400
  • ART 212 Art History II: 1400 to the Present           

*After completing several foundation courses, students are required to submit a portfolio to enroll in 300-level (or higher) studio courses. Students whose portfolios do not meet standards may be required to take supplemental courses. Portfolio Requirements

Required Concentration Courses (12 credits)

  • ART 309 Figure Drawing I              
  • ART 322 Illustration I       
  • ART 342 Illustration II      
  • ART 422 Illustration III    

Concentration Electives (choose 3, 9 credits)

  • ART 215 Painting I
  • ART 230 Visual Journaling & Bookmaking           
  • ART 308 Painting II           
  • ART 315 Figure Modeling              
  • ART 317 Polyester Plate Lithography  
  • ART 331 Picture Book Illustration                
  • ART 332 Photo Imaging: Art & the Digital Camera           
  • ART 343 Introduction to 3D Animation    
  • ART 346 Scientific Illustration
  • ART 352 Intermediate Drawing   
  • ART 403 Advanced 3D Animation               
  • ART 421 Digital Portfolio Preparation       
  • ART 470 Advanced Topics in Illustration
  • ART 480 Independent Study

Capstone (3 credits)

  • ART 485 Senior Seminar in Studio Art