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Game Design Minor (15 Credits)

Addresses the needs of students interested in simulation, human machine interaction and gaming. This is an interdisciplinary minor covering both the artistic and computational needs of the field. Students with such a minor may work with animation, game engines, mathematics, modeling, network design, and state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Required courses

  • Choose one:
    • ART 323 Introduction to 3D Modeling
    • ART 343 Introduction to 3D Animation
  • CSC 311 Computer & Video Games Development       

Minor Electives (Choose three)

  • ART 351 Motion Graphic Design
  • ART 403 Advanced 3D Animation
  • CSC 251 Network Fundamentals
  • CSC/MAT350 Numerical Methods
  • CSC 375 Artificial Intelligence
  • ENG 360 Digital Game Studies
  • MUS 372 Multimedia Composition
  • SOC 320 Video Games and Society
  • Choose one:
    • THE 261 Visual Storytelling
    • THE 345 Programming for Interactive Design
  • Any 300/400 level course by arrangement with coordinator  

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